Therapeutic Coaching

Have you failed to reach a goal in your life? Become the person you want to become? Always feel slightly second best or not quite good enough?

Have you talked endlessly to friends and family and still not taken action? Maybe you are battling addiction or feel you missed out on that promotion to the next stage. How will it your life be when you beat that addiction, improve your health, confidently deliver that speech, get that promotion?

A coach has the expertise to draw out the best in you, overcome barriers and create clarity and focus to achieve your goals. Hexagon Coaching will help you develop the positive mindset and coach you on the path to get you there.

Coaching is not about someone else telling you what to do or solving your challenges for you. It is much more empowering than that. By giving yourself the space, time and the support of a non-judgemental, objective coach is often enough for you to find the answers for yourself.

  • Addiction
  • Work-life balance
  • Family pressures
  • Confidence building
  • Public speaking
  • Develop a winners mindset
  • Weight loss and healthy living
  • Sports coaching
  • Relationship building
  • Positive physical health management
  • Women returning to work
  • People approaching retirement or redundancy
  • New managers or job changers
  • Review of your career path

Using a combination of classic coaching techniques combined with therapeutic interventions means our clients get to where they want to go in a very short timescale.

To find out more about 1:1 coaching please get in touch 1:1 coaching is available both face-to-face and via Skype.

Therapeutic Coaching