Hexagon Workshops

Together we have created a variety of group workshops specifically targeting the complexities we face in the workplace.

Our workshops are geared to work with established teams, newly created teams and individuals working together with a common theme or goal.

“Leaders tell us they are operating in a bewildering new environment in which little is certain, the tempo is quicker and the dynamics are more complex.” McKinsey, Leading the 21st century

Hexagon’s Performance IMPACT workshops are aimed at specific issues and target different levels of team development:

  • Leadership and innovative thinking
  • Team collaboration and team bonding
  • Conflict and developing a team plan
  • Improve communication and development of self
  • Inspirational ideas and creative problem solving
  • Resilience and self awareness
  • Employee engagement

Using cutting edge techniques in neuroscience. The aim is to inspire and provide life enhancing tools - using the brain’s plasticity and ability to create new mind maps and neural pathway patterns.

Hugh Hood, Group HR Director, Global talent, Cultural transformation, Leadership transformation at BT comments: “We looked at neuroscience when we were structuring learning experiences, for example how much people will take on, creating an “aha” moment of inspiration, making it social, the amount of reflection that they need to consolidate learning and so on. … Most of the time was dedicated to reflection in small groups, in planning and practising and turning what they’d heard into personal sense, skills, and plans.” Hugh explains that this approach was based on “learning about the conditions under which the brain makes new connections and how you reinforce those connections”. BT is now continuing to embed the new leadership style throughout the organisation through a range of interventions. (Information gathered and researched by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)