Our approach is to work with the leaders of today, emerging leaders of tomorrow and anyone who has a sense that there is a different and more sustainable way to be in business.

As Performance & Therapeutic Coaches we are in the business of transformation at the deepest level. We inspire motivation and change using the brain’s plasticity and circuitry to create new neural pathways within the brain.

We are experiencing unprecedented change and uncertainty in life and in business. The effect on leaders is that many find themselves operating from a state of fear and unease, feeling buffeted from one challenge to the next, unable to create a clear picture of the future for themselves or their team and often misdirecting their energy and attention.

We help leaders grow, change and renew themselves, their teams and their organisations. We do this by encouraging leaders to explore the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their leadership.

Sir Professor Cary Cooper, CIPD President and well-being expert: “In the fast changing world of work, well-being has never been more important. With the UK at the bottom of the G7 and near the bottom of the G20 countries on productivity per capita, the way we manage people and create cultures that enhance well-being are now bottom-line issues. Prevention is better than a cure; it’s high time that business leaders recognise this and create cultures in organisations in which well-being is centre stage and people are happy, healthy and committed to achieving organisational success.”

We work together with companies to develop their employee’s performance, resilience and well-being in the workplace. Everyone wins. A happy healthy workforce gets the best results.

Our team of coaches offer both 1:1 coaching and workshops for small groups.

  • Enabling high potential employees to develop their inner resources
  • Struggling at work to meet targets or perform to your best
  • Have a team that is new, under-performing or needs support to pull in the same direction using creative problem solving
  • Have a key member of staff off work through stress – and want to get them back to work feeling healthy and inspired
  • Developing resilient leaders
  • Recovering from bullying or conflict
  • Experiencing change and uncertainties in the workplace
  • Managing a work life balance

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