Welcome to Hexagon Coaching

Welcome to Hexagon Coaching
The world of Coaching just got exciting!

Just suppose you could access resilience, inner confidence, motivation, achieve your goals, and get the future you desire.

We provide a service that could improve performance, team work and reduce absenteeism and stress levels within your teams.

Coaching is about unlocking potential to maximise performance: in business and in life. It is about making the decisive changes that will accelerate progress.

Sometimes these changes are small adjustments to behaviour, sometimes they are a huge shift to vision and purpose.

Hexagon Coaching deploys cutting edge techniques based in neuroscience to help you reach your goals in the shortest time and with the best possible chance of success…

We work with companies, teams and individuals to develop their full potential.

As Performance & Therapeutic Coaches we are in the business of transformation at the deepest level. We inspire motivation and change using the brain’s plasticity and circuitry to create new neural pathway patterns within the brain. Neuroscience is powerful in how we structure learning and how the brain accepts change.

Samantha Rockey, Global Head of Leadership Development, SABMiller comments on using neuroscience techniques in the work place for advanced learning:

“I think the joy of neuroscience is that because it’s very scientific in its application, it’s very easy to do two things. One is to make a case for learning by using the science behind it and the second is that the human impact can be measured. We are deliberately taking neuroscience as a concept and we are using it to help our teams become more effective.”

What is Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity?

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the brain and nervous system. In the last 20 years there have been significant advances in the field because of technological developments, such as functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) technology. This enables scientists to accurately depict brain activity through changes in blood flow. Many neuroscientists and practitioners have now started to explore how the key findings from cognitive and behavioural neuroscience translate to individual behaviour and learning within the workplace.

At Hexagon Coaching, everything we do is tailored to meet your needs. Our diverse team of highly professional therapeutic coaches have access to a vast array of approaches and philosophies.

In addition, we have all held senior positions within organisations and start-ups – so we fully understand the highs and lows of corporate life with the stresses and pressures that it places on an individual.

With this unique combination of commercial experience and coaching skill, we are able to both challenge and support you, and ultimately help you exceed.